I,Farha Fatmi Principle of Fahima Academy,Hazaribagh.I am proud to be in this wonderful institution Fahima Academy Hazaribagh had a humble beginning and was established in the year 1993.In a society of corporate culture and commercialized education institution. We the Fahima Academy Hazaribagh is unique in providing spacious classrooms ample amount of out door space to enjoy sports and games. We affirm that education begins at best and continues through life.As said by a famous Philosper "Schools are quarries where Diamonds are polished and ruggeed stones are shaped".Fahima Academy is one of such kind,We provide all the facilities needed for the total development of a student. Lastly we are proud to launch our first copy of our year book,dedicated to our management,staff and to our parents and well wishers. God bless this institution and all who are connected with this.
Farha Fatmi